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The Last Dog on Earth

   The ending of The Last Dog on Earth was surprising because I thought that the dog, Jack, would live. When Rudy Stagg attempted to shoot Jack because he thought that Jack had a disease called POS, but shot Logan, the dog owner, by accident, I thought he would stop. But no, he had to shoot Jack still. If he knew that Jack was immune to this disease, then why still try to be the hero. All this led to Logan in the hospital and Jack in life support who was eventually let go and died.

The Circuit

The Circuit - Francisco Jimenez

      In the autobiographical novel, The Circuit, the author, Francisco Jimenez, taught me the meaning of "Everybody is created equally." He taught me that no matter how different a person is, everyone is still equal. And it doesn't have to be by looks, it could be by the ability and things that you can do. One example from the story is, " 'Let Manuelito be the guard,' I said to Carlos. 'No way,' he responded annoyingly. 'I already told you before, he can't play. He's too slow.' " This made me realize that anyone should be able to play or join something even if their abilities don't meet your requirements. Another one said by the protagonist while memorizing the constitution is, " 'We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal' " This also made me realize that even if a person's ethnicity or appearance is different from yours, then he or she is still equal to you and other people no matter what.

      This book reminds me of myself when I was younger and now because I am Chinese. When I was a kid, people used to always make fun of me. They made fun of me because my English wasn't that good and that I was used to speaking Chinese. I first spoke a lot of Chinese when I was a kid that I got used to it. And as I grew older, racism started becoming an influence on kids. So whenever I couldn't see something, they would tell me to open my eyes since Asians have small eyes, sort of like a slit. Or ask me what ching chong, ching chong would mean when that isn't even Chinese. Also, they would tell me that I couldn't play with them or to go back to my country just because they were jealous of what I can do, I was bad at something, or because I looked different. 

      At this point, I didn't enjoy the book much because it brought so much bad memories from when I was a kid and now. I enjoyed it a little though because the author not only taught me that everybody is created equal, but that I should stand up for what I believe in. Also, because the author leaves a cliff hanger that somehow makes me want to read the next book.

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